Why Choose Themis?

Themis (pronounced: thee-mis) is an ancient Greek term relating to law, fairness, justice and provider of good counsel. The common representation of the term can be seen outside courtrooms in the form of a blindfolded lady holding scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other.

The term 'Themis' accordingly embodies the philosophy of our institution. At Themis School of Law, our mission is the education and training of students in a progressive and innovative manner in order that they become outstanding lawyers and leaders in their chosen profession and thereby make a valuable contribution to our society.

At Themis School of Law legal education is personalized to each of one of our students. Academically, Themis School of Law is pragmatic and innovative in its approach to legal education. Our distinguishing factor, however, is our focus and emphasis on law in practice and associated legal skills. We strive to ensure that our students are equipped with practical legal skills and are able to apply their understanding of legal theory in practice.

When you study at Themis School of Law, you will have access to legal education led by the best law faculty in the city with great study facilities, including an extensive collections of books and learning resources to support your studies and wireless access throughout the campus. Some of the salient points of Themis School of Law include:

themis law results

Outstanding Teaching and Results

As per the University of London´s Institution Annual Monitoring 2015-2016 and 2016-17, Themis School of Law´s LLB (Hons) students in the May/June Examination Sessions achieved exceptional results. Our academic excellence has been recognised and applauded by the University of London and our academic results are one of the best nationwide amongst all University of London law programme providers. Read University of London´s IAM Report 2015-16 and IAM Report 2016-17.

themis legal course

Pakistani Legal Skills Course

Themis School of Law is proud to pioneer and provide the ‘Legal Skills Course’, a module based foundational certificate course designed in collaboration with prominent lawyers which will provide our students with a firm grounding in and essential knowledge of the local laws and procedures. We are the only law school in Karachi which is offering such vocational legal skills course in a formal modular manner along with University of London’s LLB (Hons) Programme.

themis law mock trials

Mock Trial Training

The second stage of the Advocacy Module pertains to the Mock Trial Training. A mock trial is a replication of a Crown Court in the United Kingdom which consists of judge and the jury. While mooting teaches students the art of delivering submissions addressed to a panel of judges, a mock trial focuses primarily on witness handling. It inculcates the skills of asking questions strategically of witnesses and receiving the answers as anticipated. If focuses on leading and non-leading questions directed towards a witness which in essence, delivers a court room feel to the students.

themis mooting competition

Mooting Competition

Themis School of Law boasts an outstanding mooting programmes, offering undergraduate law students the opportunity to participate in an extensive range of competitions, both national and international.

themis law clinic

Themis Law Clinic

A legal clinic provides hands-on-legal experience to law school students and seeks to support the community. Themis School of Law students will be actively involved in pro bono real-life legal cases, researching on socio-legal and political issues and disseminating legal awareness amongst the underprivileged community. The Clinic is usually directed by clinic faculty and/or practicing lawyer(s).

themis legal lectures

Great Legal Minds Lecture Series

During a lecture class at Themis School of Law, the faculty member gives a spoken presentation of course/module material, often accompanied by a visual component, to a large group of students. They also include large-scale discussions of course material. During his or her lecture, a professor will often ask questions to keep students engaged and interested in the subject matter at hand.

law faculty

Experienced and Qualified Faculty

With a team of professionally qualified lecturers and tutors leading your classes, you will be part of an established teaching methodology that focuses on the knowledge and practical skills proven to develop a successful career. Our faculty members are amongst the most distinguished legal practitioners in Pakistan. These practitioners are also passionate teachers who look forward to the joy derived by teaching.

themis executive programmes

Executive Education

We provide diploma, certificate and training programmes to help senior and mid-career executives, young lawyers and suitably qualified professionals increase their understanding of how legislation and regulation in various areas of law affects the way a business is managed. Our seminar style programmes are interactive, covering the practical impacts of current and future legislation and case decisions. Our courses are led by experienced lecturers who are at the front line both as practising lawyers and professionals.

themis tutorial classes

Tutorial at Themis

At Themis School of Law tutorials are generally designed to allow students to test their knowledge and understanding of the principles and materials in smaller, more discursive groups.

Tutorials usually commence in October to provide students with an excellent opportunity to work through problem questions, engage in class presentations and discussions, address questions or misunderstandings, and link the materials to the students' experiences (in their lives, current events, other areas of law etc). More than lectures, tutorials require students to prepare for exams and engage in the learning activities.

themis law classes

Revision Sessions

Examination Revision Sessions are an integral part of Themis School of Law’s teaching methodology which are 3 hour long intensive sessions. The Revision Sessions are scheduled for the students of Themis School of Law in order to provide the students with essential skills and know-how for the examination and cover various aspects relating to the subject matter. The key areas covered during the sessions are the overview of the topics covered in the Academic Year, revision of examinable topics, extensive practice of past year questions based on exam reports and the knowledge at hand, advice and/or technique of answering the questions considering past paper examination patterns.