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Themis School of Law is a law school with a clear vision of the future. We are an institution that understands what students of law need today and what they will need for their future legal careers. We know that the continued success of our institution relies on attracting and developing the right faculty who share our commitment to making Themis School of Law the best law school in Pakistan.

Themis School of Law is glad to receive the CVs of individuals interested in teaching law subjects. Based on the strength of your CV and availability of a position, you will be contacted for an interview. Being an equal opportunities employer, Themis School of Law encourages all law graduates to apply.

Apply for an Administration Position at Themis

Themis School of Law is looking for bright individuals who are hardworking and qualified to be a part of an ambitious executive/administrative team. At Themis School of Law, you will be faced with a highly fast-paced and competitive environment. We seek excellent problem-solvers who are quick to come up with innovative solutions. If you have strong project coordination and interpersonal skills, we would love to hear from you.

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Themis School of Law is looking for an energetic and motivated individual to join its dynamic team as a Coordinator - Business Programme.

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