Admission Process

Themis School of Law has a 2 stage Admission Process:-

Application Stage
Interview Stage

Application Stage:-

Applicants must fill out the Admission Form online on the Admissions Portal, or on-campus with an Admissions Officer. The applicant is required to submit the following at the Admissions Office:

Registration Fee of Themis School of Law;

Copy of Computerised National Identification Card (CNIC);

Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs; and

One (1) set of photocopy of the documentary evidence of the academic qualification(s), as mentioned by the applicant on the Admission Form.

Applicants seeking a scholarship will need to submit the separate Scholarship form, at the time of submission of the application form.

Interview Stage:-

After submission, each application is considered in detail by the Academic Committee. Applicants whose application are considered by the Academic Committee as having strength will be called in for an interview before the Academic Committee. Applicants’ knowledge of the law is not being assessed at this stage and will not be considered at the interview.

Notification of Decision:-

Applicants will be kept notified of important dates and the status of their application at each stage of the admissions process via e-mail/telephone. However, decision notifications are sent to the applicants after the interview. An admitted applicant will need to respond to the office of admission within the prescribed deadline. Applicants will also be notified whether they have qualified for a merit scholarship from Themis School of Law.

After an applicant is successfully admitted to Themis School of Law, his/her application for admission with the University of London will be processed.

The Academic Committee reserves the right to reject any application without explanation.