Themis Scholarship

Themis School of Law is committed to recognizing the achievements of prospective students as well as its enrolled students. We offer a range of scholarships as token of our recognition and appreciation of the students’ achievements. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit or financial need.

Students who are interested in being considered for Academic Merit Scholarship are required to fill out the Scholarship Essay Form, which is available on the online application form. The criteria of Academic Merit Scholarship is provided herein below. However, the scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and only to candidates who satisfy the scholarship criteria, supplemented by extra-curricular activities.

Applicants seeking to avail Needs-Based Scholarships are also required to fill out the Scholarship Essay Form, available on the online admission form, and state their requirement and suitability for the Needs-Based Scholarship. In addition, the applicants for Needs-Based Scholarship are required to fill and submit the Needs-Based Scholarship Form (provided below), at the time of submission of their Registration Fee and Educational Documents.

The amount of the scholarship offered to successful applicants will be communicated to them at the time the admission decision is made. However, Themis School of Law reserves the right and has the discretion in respect of the disbursement of the scholarship amount(s).

Academic Merit Scholarship Criteria
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Needs-Based Scholarship Form (to be submitted along with the Registration Fee and Educational Documents at the Admission Office)
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Themis offers other scholarships including the following :

1. Athletic and Sports Scholarships
2. Artistic Scholarships
3. Community Service Scholarships
4. Leadership Scholarships
5. First-Generation Scholarships
6. Disability Scholarships
7. Siblings Scholarships

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