Themis School of Law offers its current and prospective students a range of convenient methods both online and offline to make the payment of their Fee to ensure their academic progression is not halted.

Bank Transfer (Online and Offline)

If you wish to make the payment through bank transfer, please note you can do so online via E-banking or you can visit the Bank in person and make the the payment. In the interest of your health and safety owing to the pandemic, COVID-19, we would advise you to make the payment online using E-banking services.

Please take note of important information below in relation to fee payment via Bank Transfer:

Account Title Betterminds Education Private Limited
Account Number 0441-0079-0021-9426
Bank Faysal Bank Limited
Branch and Code Bukhari Commercial Area - 0441
IBAN PK83FAYS0441007900219426

Please note that Themis School of Law does not impose any transfer charge on the student. However, any additional charges incurred (such as bank charges) are not Themis School of Law's responsibility and should be covered by the student.

Applicants, if choosing to make payment through bank transfer must make the payment in the above mentioned account and are required to email the Confirmation Receipt to the Accounts Department at Themis School of Law at and copy to and Additionally, applicants are required to provide the following details when emailing the Accounts Department:

Full name

Contact number

Email address

Academic Programme applied for (UOL LLB Programme, CertHE Programme, Themis Foundation in Law Programme)

Payorder or Cheque

Cheques / Pay Orders must be drawn in currency Pakistani Rupee (PKR) and must be made payable to Betterminds Education Private Limited. Cheques and Pay Orders must be submitted and paid directly into the Bank. Please write your Themis Student Number, Full Name and indicate whether the payment is for Registration Fee or the Total Annual Fee on the back of the cheque / pay order when submitting the same to the Bank. Please ensure that you submit the Fee Voucher along with the Pay Order or cheque to the bank and return the Institution's Copy to the Accounts Department at Themis School of Law.


For security reasons, we do not accept cash in payment of fee at Themis School of Law.

Fee Structure

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