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Themis Foundation in Law Programme | TFiL

Themis School of Law is launching its very own fast track Themis Foundation in Law Programme. The Themis Foundation in Law Programme (TFLP) is a comprehensive Programme designed to provide you with knowledge and skills needed to pursue a degree in law or its related fields. This course aims to prepare you for the rigorous demands of undergraduate programmes by providing knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of law along with a solid grounding in core legal subjects of the English Legal System while encouraging the development of analytical and independent thinking skills.

Benefits of the Programme:-

  • Become an International LLB graduate in almost 3 years
  • Gain in depth understanding of the core subjects taught on the LLB Programme
  • Develop excellent spoken and written English Language skills
  • Introduction to Pakistani Law and Justice system
  • Career options in Law, Politics & Bureaucracy and others
  • Learn from the leading faculty of barristers and solicitors who are practicing lawyers
  • Visits to the Sindh High Court and the District Courts
  • Gain knowledge and enhance skills such as researching, writing & analyzing which will help you in your career.
  • An opportunity to experience University and student life after O-Level, AS-Level and Intermediate.
  • Great opportunity to meet with leading lawyers of Pakistan and working with international organizations such as United Nations and Amnesty International, among others.

Course Modules:-

  • Contract law: This module covers the key underlying principles of English Contract Law and includes key topics such as formation of contracts, consideration, privity, breach of contract and remedies for breach of contract.

  • Criminal law: This module is concerned with the general principles of criminal liability, fatal and non-fatal offences against the person and offences against property. Attempts to commit offences, secondary liability and defences also form part of the curriculum.

  • Legal system and method: The module is an introduction to the English legal system and describes the distinctiveness of the common law approach as a legal methodology. The module is vital in initiating students into the process of legal research and the understanding of legal reasoning.

  • Public law: This module is concerned with the core features of the United Kingdom constitution and examines the impact of both European Union membership and Council of Europe membership. Emphasis is placed throughout on the changing nature of the United Kingdom’s constitution – in particular the move from a political to a more legal constitution – as well as the case for further change.

Other Details

  • Duration: 08 Months
  • Eligibility: Normally be aged 17 and above
  • Academic Requirements: Pass in Intermediate with a minimum of 50% (Awaiting result students can apply) | 5 passes in GCE / GCSE O-Level with grades A-C | 3 passes at AS Level
  • Total Fee: Rs. 180,000/-
  • Students with non traditional / other qualifications are encouraged to provide us with the educational documents for eligibility assessment

For further information, you can contact the Academic Staff at Themis School of Law by emailing at

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