Law Practice Training Course

Course Overview - LPTC

The Law Practice Training Course (‘LPTC’) is an intensive professional legal certification course specifically designed for law students and fresh law graduates. This course will maximise your chances of securing your place in a reputable law firm and will help build your practical knowledge and legal skills side by side. You will embed your understanding through regular application of your knowledge to practical scenarios which you are likely to experience when advising clients or assisting the judges in Courts.

Course Outline

  1. Civil Litigation and Evidence
  2. Criminal Litigation and Evidence
  3. Corporate Legal Practice
  4. Drafting (Pleadings and Commercial Drafting)
  5. Advocacy
  6. Legal Research
  7. Professional Ethics


  • Graduates (Law or any other field);
  • Law Students (UoL, A-levels, BA-LLB);
  • Professionals (Lawyers, Secretaries, Executives or any other professionals).

Other Details

  • Total Numbers of Hours: 30 Hours
  • Admission Deadline: TBA
  • Class Commencement: February 2023 | Batch 4
  • Investment: PKR 25,000/-**
  • Timings: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Tuesday & Thursday) (tentative)
  • Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Note: Please note considering the number of law students and fresh law graduates in Pakistan and especially in Karachi we have limited seats available at Themis School of Law. In addition, in light of the prevailing circumstances, there is a possibility of adjustment in dates and mode.

**Please note that the reduce fee is going to be offered to Themis School of Law students/alumni and University of London students.

Course Outline

1- Civil Litigation and Evidence

  • Stages of Civil Trial: Filing a Plaint, Notice, Written Statement, Issues, Evidence and Final Arguments
  • Limitation, Jurisdiction and Cause of Action
  • Appeal, Review and Revision
  • Evidence: Procedure of Examination in Chief.
  • Evidence: Procedure of Cross Examination. Procedure.
  • Difference between mark and exhibit.
  • Types of Injunctions. Sample Application
  • Significance of Article 199 and its scope.

2- Criminal Litigation and Evidence

  • Stages of Criminal Trial
  • Significance of First Information Report (‘FIR’)- 154 Cr. PC
  • Significance of 22-A/B Cr.PC.
  • Principles of Bail (Pre-arrest, Post-arrest and Protective)
  • Evidence: Procedure of Examination in Chief.
  • Evidence: Procedure of Cross Examination. Procedure.
  • Evidence: Procedure of producing the evidence. Difference between mark and exhibit.
  • White Collar Crime: Role of lawyers in National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) investigations.

3- Corporate Legal Practice

  • Introduction to world of corporate law
  • Types of practice areas within corporate law (banking & finance, commercial, M&As, competition, IP, company law, public procurement, project finance etc.)
  • Corporate advisory and transactional practice
  • Major regulators in the corporate sector (SBP, SECP, CCP, IPO)
  • Banking and finance practice - types of transactions, transactional documents, securitization
  • Corporate secretarial practice (company formation and periodic statutory compliances)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - types of, major documents (SHA, SPA, Asset Purchase Agreement)
  • Major types of documents in corporate practice - concepts and case studies (Joint Venture, NDA, Sale of goods / supply of services, Partnership agreement)
  • Best practices in drafting commercial contract

4- Drafting (Pleadings and Commercial drafting)

  • Law and fundamentals of Pleadings
  • Plaint- The Structure, Substantial Portion and Relief
  • Drafting a Defence/Written Statement
  • Drafting a Constitutional Petitions.
  • Drafting an Appeal
  • Drafting a legal opinion
  • Commercial Drafting
    • Partnership Deed;
    • Settlement Agreement;
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement;
    • Employment Contract;
    • Shareholders Agreement.

5- Legal Research

  • How to conduct a legal research
  • Resources available to conduct a legal research
  • How to use Pakistan Law Site
  • How to give preference to various legal authorities both local and international.

6- Advocacy

  • Art of Advocacy
  • Advocacy in Criminal Litigation including Examination in Chief and Cross Examination
  • Advocacy in Bail Application
  • Advocacy in Civil Suit
  • Advocacy in Appeals
  • Advocacy in ad-interim injunction
  • Advocacy in Applications – Injunctions

7- Professional Ethics

  • Law and Rules governing the professional ethics of advocates in Pakistan i.e. Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act
  • Duty of a lawyer with Court
  • Duty of a lawyer with its Client
  • Duty of a lawyer with its regulators
  • Recent Developments