Themis School of Law is Karachi's premier law school, offering the LLB (Hons) Programme of the University of London, combined with a Pakistan Legal Skills Course and various other innovative Supplementary Law Programmes for the skills and professional development of its students.

At Themis, YOU are our focus. Consistently ranked for our teaching excellence, leading faculty, and outstanding results, we offer an extraordinary law school experience to produce world-class professionals, lawyers and leaders.

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Our Results

Themis School of Law consistently proves itself to be the leading law school in Karachi, Pakistan. Our sustained commitment to excellence in teaching, providing support to students and administrative processes have enabled our students to perform exceptionally in the LLB Programme of the University of London.

Since 2015, Themis School of Law has maintained its standards of excellence in imparting education through an outstanding faculty supplemented with up-to-date resource materials.

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Open up our prospectus to get a valuable insight into all that Themis School of Law has to offer. As you go through, you will find information that best describes what you are looking for.

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Fall 2017

Access the Themis Newsletter, a student led publication encompassing the latest updates of the fun and exciting events and activities as organized by various student societies here at Themis.

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Law Journal
Volume 1

Themis Law Journal (TLJ) is a peer-reviewed annual legal periodical which publishes articles, notes, comments, judicial decisions and legislative review on all aspects of law.

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New Students

Thank you for your interest in Themis School of Law, Karachi’s first and only dedicated law school offering the LLB (Hons) programme of the University of London International Programmes, combined with a Pakistani Legal Skills Course.

We understand that choosing the right law school can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Since law is quite a challenging and complex field of study, the decision of choosing a law school where you will spend the most crucial yeas of your undergraduate studies has to be made with the utmost of thought and deliberation. Read More

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Themis At A Glance

Our Innovative Teaching Methodology

With a team of professionally qualified lecturers and tutors leading your classes, you will be part of an established teaching methodology that focuses on the knowledge and practical skills proven to develop a successful career. Our faculty members are amongst the most distinguished legal practitioners in Pakistan. These practitioners are also passionate teachers who look forward to the joy derived by teaching.

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Our Distinctive
Supplementary Law Programme

Pakistani Legal Skills Course

Themis School of Law has designed and introduced the 'Pakistani Legal Skills Course', a unique and first of its kinds course for the University of London law students. This foundational certificate course is intended to equip our undergraduate law students to gain essential knowledge of the Pakistani legal system and develop competence in practical legal skills which are required for law practice in Pakistan.

Critical Thinking Sessions

Critical Thinking Sessions are another unique initiative of Themis School of Law. This supplementary programme allows our law students to enter into intellectual discourse on topics ranging from politics and governance to euthanasia and abortion. These Sessions involve logic as well as creativity.

Themis Law Clinic

Themis Law Clinic is a clinical legal education programme designed to introduce our students to real-life legal issues that are prevalent in our society. The primary objective of Themis Law Clinic is to provide pro bono legal services, including advising and counselling, to local people who need legal advice and representation but cannot afford it.

Legal Research and Writing

Legal Research and Writing is a programme designed by Themis of Law which is specifically aimed at enhancing a students’ research and writing skills which are crucial for any law student to possess. This mandatory course forms part of the curriculum at Themis School of Law whereby students are taught the art of effective legal writing in the form of drafting court documentation, legal opinions, and plaints, among others. The module also focuses on students’ needs to meet the professional expectations of clients, judges, employers, and colleagues in various contexts. Students are kept engaged in writing competitions throughout the module.

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law is a mandatory module for first year LLB students which provides a basic introduction to the study of law and enables students to see the breadth of issues that law touches on. This module helps to facilitate an understanding of the principle legal issues which arise in various contexts and aids students in the development of critical perspectives. This module ensures that students gain a fundamental understanding of the Pakistani legal system along with the nature and methods of law and academic legal study in preparation for parallel and subsequent legal study.

Advocacy Module

Advocacy lies at the heart of the legal field and is a prime pre requisite for a successful legal career. At Themis School of Law, increasing emphasis is placed on the development of student’s advocacy skills in written as well as oral advocacy. This module aims to enhance the persuasion skills of students backed by logical reasoning. The module allows students with the opportunity to engage with court room advocacy in the form of submissions, witness handling, delivering compelling opening and closing statements along with client conferencing. The course provides transferable and extremely useful skills to students in any field requiring clear exposition and persuasion.

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Student Life

The phenomenal results produced by us, the quality of our faculty members, the innovative supplementary law programmes, purpose built campus, student support and extensive guidance provided, it is no wonder that in past and present students are delighted to study with us.

From dedicated internal and external moot court competitions to smoothie making competitions, from purely criminal mock trials to table tennis competitions - life at Themis covers it all.

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