On Saturday 16th of October 2021, Themis Law Society was honoured to be a part of the 6th National Judicial Conference 2021. Themis was one of the sponsors of the 6th National Judicial Conference 2021. We are true to our commitment of contributing towards the betterment of legal education and to provide our students with exposure to major legal events. Themis was represented by Themis Law Society (Zaman Khan, Abdul Moiz, Harris Amin Bhatti, Shahper Shahzad, M. Ameen Sheikh), who presented a souvenir to the Chief Guest for his contribution towards the country. The chair, spearheaded by, The Federal Law Minister of Pakistan, Dr. Farough Naseem talked about the various lacunae present in the Pakistani judicial system of today, in addition to deliberating on the various strategies that could be employed to meet the growing backlog of cases in the courts of Pakistan, to ensure speedy proceedings and adherence to the Rule of Law.

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