Our LLB (Hons) Programme provides you with the transferable skills you need, whether you are committed to working in the legal sector or wish to explore other career options. Our courses are designed to ensure that you gain a formidable range of essential skills that are welcomed throughout the business world. From working in multinational companies, banking and finance, to technology, media and charities, a legal qualification is highly regarded in a variety of sectors. You can expect to learn valuable commercial and practical skills, taught by qualified practitioners, often in small group workshops. We also place strong emphasis on individual tutor contact and feedback for the benefit of our students. In order to ensure our students are career ready by the time they graduate and have an edge over the other law graduates in the market, Themis School of Law has designed various distinctive supplementary programmes for their professional and/or practical skills enhancement.

Themis School of Law has designed and introduced the 'Pakistani Legal Skills Course', a unique and first of its kind course for the University of London law students. This foundational certificate course is intended to equip our undergraduate law students to gain essential knowledge of the Pakistani legal system and develop competence in practical legal skills which are required for law practice in Pakistan.

The Pakistani Legal Skills Course covers fundamental practice areas of law in Pakistan. The course focuses on broad thematic areas of law, with sub-themes and inter-relationships thereof, instead of having a strictly statute based approach. Some of the areas covered under the Pakistani Legal Skills Course include Constitution of Pakistan, Civil Procedures & Laws, Criminal Procedure & Laws, Advocacy, Comparative Constitutional Analysis etc. The course is taught by leading lawyers who have breadth of experience in legal practice and have immense command over the subject.

The Pakistani Legal Skills Course thereby adds great value to the University of London law degree. It ensures that our students have an internationally recognised degree, coupled with strong understanding of laws and procedures governing the Pakistani legal system.

Each year Themis School of Law conducts Intra Mooting Competitions for the students of Themis. This Competition is a great opportunity to expand the horizons with regards to written as well as oral advocacy and get feedback from renowned legal practitioners. There are two (2) rounds of the Annual Intra Moot Court Competition. The first round is the Knock Out Round which is followed by the Final Round. The winning team of the Intra Moot Court Competition becomes the representative team of Themis School of Law in all external mooting competitions.

Criminal Mock Trial provides law students real trial and advocacy experience at a competitive level. The students participate in a criminal trial before a judge and a jury, by creating their own direct and cross examinations, opening statements, closing arguments, and receive first-hand advice from practicing lawyers. The skills acquired through mock trials cannot be enhanced by book study alone. Mock Trials ensure that our students become more confident and poised and excel at public speaking.

Introduction to Law is a mandatory module for first year LLB students which provides a basic introduction to the study of law and enables students to see the breadth of issues that law touches on. This module helps to facilitate an understanding of the principle legal issues which arise in various contexts and aids students in the development of critical perspectives. This module ensures that students gain a fundamental understanding of the Pakistani legal system along with the nature and methods of law and academic legal study in preparation for parallel and subsequent legal study.

Critical Thinking Sessions are another unique initiative of Themis School of Law. This supplementary programme allows our law students to enter into intellectual discourse on topics ranging from politics and governance to euthanasia and abortion.

These Sessions involve logic as well as creativity. It includes assessment of inductive and deductive reasoning, analysis and problem-solving as well as creative, innovative and complex approaches to the resolution of issues and challenges. One of the significant aims of education is to produce learners who are well informed, that is to say, learners should understand ideas that are important, useful, beautiful and powerful. Another is to create learners who have the appetite to think analytically and critically, to use what they know to enhance their own lives and also to contribute to their society, culture and civilization.

By debating on various issues outlined in the module, we ensure that our students have the ability to make logical & rational arguments and at the same time defend their position and hold their stance.

Themis Legal Show is a novel opportunity for young law students to showcase their communication and presentation skills coupled with the fact that they are not camera shy! Themis Legal Show focuses on providing the student body with a feel of law infused with journalism. If you are a confident, vocal and a determined individual who is not afraid of voicing their opinion on social media, Themis Legal Show is the place for you!

Being on the Legal Show allows increased networking opportunities for students. Simultaneously, it also enhances an individual’s social presence within the social media world as these shows are aired on various distinguished platforms and viewed by prominent members of the legal fraternity who may also be your potential employers.

Themis Law Clinic is a clinical legal education programme designed to introduce our students to real-life legal issues that are prevalent in our society. The primary objective of Themis Law Clinic is to provide pro bono legal services, such as counseling and advising through various mediums, to local people who need legal advice and representation but cannot afford it. At the same time, through the Law Clinic, our students will have the opportunity to develop analytical from direct experience, as well as gain insight into a lawyer's role involving factual investigation, research, problem solving, client relations, and professional responsibility and thereby be prepared for successful entry into the legal profession whilst still in school.

The students will work closely on the cases and research on topics under the direct supervision of Law Clinic’s faculty and practicing lawyers. The Themis Law Clinic is very intensive and requires strong dedication and commitment by the student members. Therefore, only such students are selected for the Law Clinic who have a strong inclination towards practical legal tasks and who would honour the commitment towards the Clinic.

With the introduction of Professional Skills in Practice module which largely comprises of Employability Skills, Themis School of Law seeks to inculcate professional skills and values as essential components for the preparation of effective lawyers at Themis. Themis School of Law in collaboration with other lawyers focuses on ensuring the development of key skills such as: Employability Skills, Presentation Skills, Interviewing Skills and Team Work.

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