Themis Law Journal (TLJ) is a peer-reviewed annual legal periodical which publishes articles, notes, comments, judicial decisions and legislative review on all aspects of law. The objective of the TLJ is to provide a forum for lawyers, law professors and teachers, judges, and law students to engage in a critical analysis of contemporary legal issues and to provide the audience and readers with the opportunity to keep abreast with legal framework both within Pakistan and internationally.

The Themis Law Journal is, at the same time, dedicated to advancement of legal knowledge with a view to opening a dialogue between those who study and practice law and those who are affected by it, thereby providing a medium for law-related ideas and discussion.

Themis Law Journal Submission Guidelines:

Candidates who wish to make submissions for the Themis Law Journal should adhere to the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission:

A submission will be considered for publication only on the understanding that:

  1. The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is Friday, 30th March 2018 11:59 PM GMT;
  2. The submitted work is an original piece that does not infringe the copyright of any other author;
  3. The submitted work is not defamatory or litigious;
  4. Plagiarism will automatically disqualify a submission from consideration;
  5. Authors must indicate degrees, professional qualifications, and professional or academic status and supply evidence of these on request;
  6. All manuscripts should be in MS Word format;
  7. All manuscripts should be double-spaced (twelve-point Times New Roman font) with one inch margins all around;
  8. The footnotes should be single-spaced (ten-point Times New Roman font);
  9. Co-authorship/multiple authorship is not permitted;
  10. Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal of Legal Authorities should be used for legal citation;
  11. Authors must prepare an abstract of the article which would convey a summary of the theme and main points of the article, and should run no more than 06-10 lines of italicized print. The Abstract will be published along with the article on the same page;
  12. Upon publication of their submission, authors will receive one bound copy of the issue of the journal where their submission appears.
  13. Submission of material for publication will be taken as acceptance of the terms of publication described in these guidelines.

Editorial correspondence and article submissions should be emailed to the Publication Board at

Subject Area for Submissions:

Themis Law Journal welcomes and accepts submissions on all legal subject areas.

Who can make submissions to Themis Law Journal?

We accept researched articles, scholarly articles, notes, comments and review of legislation and judicial decisions from lawyers, law students, faculty members, judges and law professionals. The submissions are not limited to contributors from Pakistan and we gladly accept contributions from law professionals and students from other countries.

TLJ - Volume 1 Contributors

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