Themis Law Clinic is a clinical legal education programme designed to introduce our students to real-life legal issues that are prevalent in our society. The primary objective of Themis Law Clinic is to provide pro bono legal services, including advising and counselling, to local people who need legal advice and representation but cannot afford it. At the same time, through the Law Clinic, our students will have the opportunity to develop analytical and advocacy skills from direct experience, as well as gain insight into a lawyer's role involving factual investigation, research, writing, drafting, problem solving, client relations, and professional responsibility and thereby be prepared for successful entry into the legal profession while still in school.

Themis Law Clinic aims to develop diversified ways of engaging and contributing to the society. Whereas, pro bono legal services to local members of the society will constitute a major part of the Law Clinic’s work, the Law Clinic shall also undertake essential research, both qualitative and quantitative, on prevalent social-legal and socio-political issues and publish its working paper(s). In addition, Themis Law Clinic shall, from time to time, publish reports on laws which are both promulgated as well those which are about to be promulgated in order to determine the efficacy of such laws. A corollary aim of the Law Clinic will be to make laws accessible for general public and to propose reforms which will benefit the public at large.

The students will work closely on the cases and/or research topic under the direct supervision of Law Clinic’s faculty and practicing lawyers. The Law Clinic will consist of both classroom component as well as casework component. The Themis Law Clinic are very intensive and requires strong dedication and commitment by the student members. Therefore, only such students are selected for the Law Clinic who have a strong inclination towards practical legal tasks and who would honour the commitment towards the Clinic.

Themis Law Clinic provides advice and services in the following areas:

  • Family Law
  • Employment & Labour Law
  • Contract Law
  • Consumer Rights Law
  • Public Law matters

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