LEGAL SKILLS COURSE (For Enrolled Students)

Themis School of Law’s focus is not only on the students’ academic qualification but we place equal emphasis on law in practice and associated legal skills. We ensure that our students are equipped with practical legal skills, which are valued by employers in Pakistan, and are able to apply their understanding of legal theory in practice. This practical approach towards legal education provides our students an edge over other foreign law graduates.

In order to ensure that the aforesaid objective is achieved, Themis School of Law has introduced the ‘Legal Skills Course’, a course designed in collaboration with prominent lawyers and leading law firms in Pakistan. The Legal Skills Course is designed to provide our students with a a firm grounding in local laws, procedures and legal skills. The basic structure of the Legal Skills Course is as follows:

  • Overview of Pakistani legal system.
  • Constitution of Pakistan.
  • Civil Procedure and Practice.
  • Criminal Law and Procedure.
  • Conveyancing and Pleading.
  • Basic Opinion Writing.
  • Basic Drafting.
  • Negotiations and Advocacy.
  • Various Optional Subjects (Companies Ordinance 1984, Carriage of Goods Act 1925, Trademark Ordinance 2001, Financial Recovery Ordinance 2001, Contract Act 1872).

Themis School of Law is the first and the only law school in Karachi offering this type of vocational legal skills course. The Legal Skills Course helps our students gain an understanding of the Constitution of Pakistan, basic Pakistani laws and procedures along with essential legal skills such as effective note taking, basic drafting and opinion writing skills, negotiation and advocacy skills and other associated skills.

As professional lawyers and graduates of University of London International Programmes, the founders of Themis School of Law feel that in the competitive field of law it is of utmost importance that a University of London International Programme’s LLB (Hons) graduate is equipped with knowledge of Pakistani constitution, local laws, procedures and practical legal skills in order to have a competitive edge over other local and foreign qualified law graduates. In the absence of such knowledge, a University of London International Programme graduate will require increased amount of time, after entering the workforce, to assimilate with the legal arena prevalent in Pakistan. The Legal Skills Course, therefore, adds value to the University of London International Programme’s LLB (Hons) degree and provides our students with a complete and a true law school experience.

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