In our modern day world with easy transnational access and increasingly competitive environment, businesses are growing at a rapid pace causing a massive increase in the need for individuals and businesses to be commercially aware. Being commercially aware is recognized globally as an important attribute that business owners, lawyers and individuals should be aware of as they are expected to know in depth details on the operation of businesses, key factors for profitability and growth and how to make optimal use of resources at hand.

The University of London Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law allows our students to not only receive an internationally recognized qualification but builds on our students skills to ensure legal and business competence while providing them with specialization in various aspects of Commercial Law. Our focus on Commercial awareness and Commercial law allows our students to understand to the nature of trade between business and consumers while developing your legal acumen regarding the regulatory framework for public and private sectors involved.

Studying Commercial Law will provide you an array of skills that are highly valued in business. The qualification will help you in developing your analytical and critical thinking skills, improving your written communication skills, and help you to think strategically about business opportunities and business strategies allowing you to deal with legal problems that you may encounter in your career.

The Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law is a flexible programme that has been specially designed for learners who are eligible for admission to the LLB (Hons) but do not wish to register for the full degree programme, due to their professional commitments and want to acquire further legal knowledge and expertise in Commercial Law. To cater to our students who have professional commitments, Themis School of Law has designed a customized and flexible timetable to ensure that our students are able to take their classes without disruption of their work schedule.

The Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law also acts as a bridging qualification as an entry into postgraduate courses such as LLM (Masters in Law).

Choose this Qualification if

You have the ability, motivation and self-discipline to study at degree level but do not want to commit to a full LLB programme.

You would like to enhance key skills of communication, information literacy, analysis and argument.

You want the flexibility to pace your studies to fit in with your other commitments.

You want to develop specialist subject knowledge in the area of commercial law and improve your commercial awareness.

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want a stand-alone qualification in law, with the prospects of using the same as a bridging qualification for entry into postgraduate study, for example, LLM.

Individuals wishing to have a specialized knowledge regarding contract and commercial law.

Law students who wish to acquire a comprehensive understanding of commercial law practice with a view of specializing in this area.

Lawyers involved in dispute resolution / litigation who wish to develop and improve their knowledge and understanding of commercial law.

Other suitable professionals who are interested in the area of commercial law.

Programme Duration

1 year to 5 years


The Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law requires completion of four modules:

Two Compulsory Modules Two Optional Modules
Contract Law
Commercial Law
Intellectual Property
Company Law
International Commercial Law
Conflict of Laws and
Employment law

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible to register for the UOL Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law, you must have one of the following:

An acceptable Bachelor’s degree;

An acceptable Master’s degree (or any other appropriately accredited Level 7 award) provided this is at least 1 year full time in duration.

An acceptable Level 5 or Level 6 award (such as an HND or Graduate Certificate) provided this is at least 1 year full time in duration.

Fee Structure


The fees below relate to new students registering for the 2019-2020 session. These are subject to annual increases of up to 5% per annum.

Description Amount
Application fee (Non Refundable) £97
Registration fee £494
Module fee £153
Examination fee (Per 30 Credit Module) £187
Credit transfer (Per Module) £52
Full year transfer fee £195
Indicative Cost £1951

*For fee payable to Themis School of Law, kindly email us at

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